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@KayMesia - What’s up with the cartoon characters?

A question I frequently receive - "Do you just create cartoon characters?"

On days when I need laughs, yes. Otherwise - no. The majority of my creations are disciplined the more traditional pieces. Energy inspires my creations; how energy manifests into the world around us, captured in moments, color, shapes, and ultimately - personality. I embrace the physical world, but my art aligns with and relates to - capturing energy. 

Through my creative process, the characters show up. They are derived from the actual animals I've studied, drawn, painted, or written about. My approach is to create an object to understand its being, understanding its energetic relation to color and light. Then, as the object unfolds, the personality is revealed; my characters create themselves. 

But this process is not unique to me; I'd argue that you do it too. Think of how you describe a moment, your favorite animal. Animals present as a dog, cat, or horse. Still, we choose to illuminate their essence in our perception and description. Same thing for a moment, a memory. 

It's what works for me.

Peace, love & light. 


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