“In Stride” - orignal watercolor art by Kay Mesia

Good morning/afternoon/evening! Hope you’re well - thank you for peeking at this post. Good to see you here.

Today, I am presenting my latest work of art, “In Stride,” an original watercolor print of a galloping horse.

Horses have been appearing in my world, reminding me of my past and surfacing joy and gratitude for all the years I spent training, showing, and being a caretaker for them. Horses have always been crucial in my life, reminders of unbridled energy, freedom, and unlimited potential. And, coming from a place of bias - one of the most perfect representations of energy and life. They are simply stunning.

Enjoy! May the day bring you precisely what you need.

Prints and cards are available at my on-line studio: www.happypigstudio.com. Appreciate the notes, comments, and support. Thank you!

Peace, love, and light.


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