I’d Rather Be Fishing.

Fishing.  I’d rather be fishing.  

Or, maybe just the practice of fishing.  I love the moment of the bobber finally comes to rest, floating so casually, lightly pushed by the wind.  Peace is slightly edged with caution, careful anticipation, waiting for the deliberate “bob”.  Everything, everyone around me fades into oblivion, respecting the unspoken code to, well, not speak.  It’s a pretty good moment to experience.

Lately, I’ve been around water,  inspired by the insects, animals, people, boats, and this; a simple red and white fishing bobber.  I did pause, fascinated with how this object opened up so many memories: the ‘whirrrrr’ of the reel, feel of wind, family,  smell of water and sun, laughter, lost fish, worms - the list was endless.  

Thank you universe!  Accepted the intervention,  changed plans and captured this bobber.  

Hope you enjoy - 

Prints and cards are available via my on-line studio: www.happypigstudio.com.  And thank you all again - really value your friendship, support, and feedback.  I am blessed.  

Peace, love, and light. 


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