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Why do I create?

It's my gig. 

Everyone is unique; my calling is to create. I have been creating my whole life, writing, fine arts, character creations; I now have a platform to share my creative work with the world.

Attending Honors College for Fine Arts, my path forward appeared to be clear. The focus was on various art media, methods, techniques, and artistic delivery.  Then, life happened.  My creating process paused as I pivoted to respond to what was at hand.

The need to create kept appearing in various ways, prompting me to pick up the paintbrush. Responding to push, I happily embraced my passion, diving back into art, writing, and storytelling.  It's where I am now.

If I may, I am offering a piece of advice - if you are suppose to do something, do it no matter what. If you don't - your calling will keep surfacing over, and over, and over again until you must quiet the voice and respond. You don't have to be perfect, you just need to embrace your gift.

As I said, this is where I am now.  Happy to be writing, painting, drawing, and watching people smile, thrilled if I prompt laughter.  It's a good world, people. 

Peace, love, & light. 


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