Here is my new work - a quick study of a bumble-bee. Hyphen intended, adds emphasis to its flight path.

I stopped to watch this bee bouncing from flower to flower, navigating the countless humans that brushed into it’s path. I give credit to its aviation skills, right up there with a dragonfly. Those skills were solidified as the bee avoided the snapping jaws of the Goldendoodle. If you contemplate its design, it probably shouldn’t be able to get off the ground - but yet, it does, tirelessly navigating petal terrain.

I admire their commitment, teamwork, and consistency. The world would be very, very different without these bugs. Now inspired to plant some bee-friendly plants.

Thanks for stopping by on this beautiful day; hope the rest of your week is fantastic. Sending good vibes your way.

Peace, love, and light.


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